Adam Kucharski Wins 2012 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize

Adam Kucharski, a DAMTP PhD student working with Dr Julia Gog, has been awarded one of the two 2012 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prizes, for a piece entitled 'In need of a number'.

Picture of Adam outside the Centre for Mathematics

Adam was winner of the category 'professional scientists of postgraduate level and above'. (The second category is 'anyone else with a non-professional interest in science'. Almost 600 entries were submitted in the two categories.

Mark Henderson of the Wellcome Trust commented on Adam's writing: "This was a fascinating piece that explained not only why estimation is much more than just guesswork, but that also demonstrated how important it can be to science".

'In need of a number' appeared in full in Sunday's Observer.
More information on the Prize

Adam's PhD research is on models of influenza evolution in humans: the patterns of antigenic drift. He has developed a framework for incorporating age-structure with viral evolution to allow investigation of phenomena such as "original antigenic sin", where the first childhood infection with influenza may dominate future immune responses. See Adam's article for Plus magazine:

Adam will soon be starting a postdoc position at Imperial, where he will be combining his research modelling work with analysing large population surveys of influenza immunity (data from analysing blood samples).