2013 Dorothy Hodgkin Award to Nathalie Vriend

Nathalie Vriend

Dr Nathalie Vriend of DAMTP is one of five researchers across the UK to have been awarded a 2013 Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship by the Royal Society.

The Dorothy Hodgkin scheme offers 5-year Fellowships to supports excellent scientists and engineers at an early stage of their career.  It is designed to help successful candidates progress to permanent academic positions across the UK.  It is aimed specifically at researchers who require a flexible working pattern and is particularly popular with female scientists.

Dr Vriend, who completed her PhD at Caltech on the topic of 'booming sand dunes', has worked in DAMTP since 2010, most recently as a NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Her research work involves the investigation of granular materials, from geophysical phenomena found in nature to engineering problems derived from industry. Previous projects involved experimental studies of small-scale avalanches in the DAMTP laboratory and radar studies of the internal details of full-size snow avalanches induced artificially at a test site in Switzerland. Dr Vriend's Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship is awarded to obtain a fundamental understanding of granular segregation through laboratory and field experiments and modelling.