Anne Davis Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Mathematical Physics

Anne Davis will give her Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Mathematical Physics (1967) at 1700 on Monday 3 March.


 Anne Davis

The Professorship of Mathematical Physics (1967) is one of DAMTP's longest-established Professorships and has previously been held by John Polkinghorne, John Taylor and Neil Turok.


Professor Davis, whose research is in the area of theoretical cosmology, has been one of the leading proponents of the chameleon particle theory that potentially accounts for the observed acceleration of the universe which presents a major cosmological puzzle. She spent time at Durham, Imperial College, CERN and Princeton before arriving at DAMTP, first as an SERC Advanced Fellow, in 1983. She was promoted to a personal Professorship in Theoretical Physics in 2002 and elected a Member of the Academia Europeae in 2009.


The title of Professor Davis' Lecture is 'The Accelerating Universe'.