John Barrow receives Dirac Medal of Institute of Physics

Prof John Barrow

Professor John Barrow of DAMTP has been awarded the Dirac Medal of the Institute of Physics with the citation:

'Professor John Barrow has been awarded the Dirac Medal for his combination of mathematical and physical reasoning to increase our understanding of the evolution of the universe, and his use of cosmology to increase our understanding of fundamental physics. Professor Barrow is a highly original scientist whose work is concerned with fundamental questions about the origin and nature of the universe. He has been at the forefront of theoretical cosmology for more than 35 years. His research in cosmology is extraordinarily far ranging and he has made important contributions across many areas of gravitation, astrophysics and cosmology. It spans work of a mathematical nature, particle physics, mathematical statistics and observation. Barrow is also a distinguished writer and lecturer for non-specialist audiences. His work in this area has made a huge contribution to public engagement with science.'

The Dirac Gold Medal is one of the Premier Awards of the Institute of Physics made annually for outstanding contributions to theoretical (including mathematical and computational) physics. Three other members of DAMTP -- Professor Stephen Hawking, Professor Michael Green and Professor Michael Cates have previously received the Dirac Medal.