Joint paper by DAMTP and Radiology nominated for the prestigious Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Prize 2016

The paper “IMPROVED SPATIAL RESOLUTION AND TARGETED SAMPLING IN MRI” by Bogdan Roman (DAMTP), Martin J Graves (Radiology), Anders Hansen (DAMTP), David J Lomas (Radiology) was selected by the University after an internal competition as the University’s nomination for the prestigious Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Prize 2016 (250,000 GBP). This is collaborative work between DAMTP, Radiology departments and Cambridge University Hospitals on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), using General Electric 1.5T and 3T scanners.

The work showcases  visible resolution improvement and much shorter acquisition time simultaneously in a clinical setting. This can impact both clinical and research applications, allowing for improved morphological and functional imaging with the potential for earlier and improved diagnosis and outcomes. For example, in the brain we could detect subtle changes in cortical structure as a sign of early dementia, or smaller lesions associated with myelin changes in early multiple sclerosis, or improve the diagnosis of intracerebral vascular pathologies. In oncology, e.g. breast cancer, such improvements could impact on our ability to detect and classify smaller lesions resulting in increased survival rates.

The above work extends the practical proof of concept validation done by Siemens in 2014 of the compressed sensing research by the DAMTP authors.



The Rosetrees Trust was established in 1987 to fund life-changing medical research. The Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Prize is an annual award for innovative and impactful interdisciplinary research on biomedical problems. The Trust’s goal is to give researchers the opportunity to experiment with ideas and become future leaders in their field. It is founded on the principle that basic research is a crucial cog in the scientific wheel and can, ultimately, lead to the major discoveries of the generation.