New Leigh Trapnell Professor of Quantum Physics

Professor Richard Jozsa

Professor Richard Jozsa, currently Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bristol, has been elected as the second holder of the Leigh Trapnell Chair in Quantum Physics.

Richard Jozsa is regarded as one of the founders of the subject of quantum information science and has made many fundamental contributions to that field. The importance of his work was acknowledged by the award of the 2004 Naylor Prize of the London Mathematical Society.

Perhaps the most significant result in quantum information theory is the fact that a quantum computer can perform computational tasks exponentially faster than any classical device; this result was first shown by Jozsa, with Deutsch, in 1992. Jozsa is also co-discoverer of the cornerstone of quantum communication -- quantum teleportation; this protocol is now an essential tool in almost all discussions of quantum communication and led to the recognition of the key role of quantum entanglement in communication. With Schumacher and others, Jozsa developed the quantum source coding theorem, one of the fundamental results on which quantum information theory is based.

Professor Jozsa will play a leading role in the Cambridge Centre for Quantum Computation, a research centre established by DAMTP in 2002 which also includes affiliated faculty and researchers from DPMMS and other faculties.

The Leigh Trapnell Chair of Quantum Physics was established in 2002 as a result of a generous donation by Mrs Hazel Trapnell in memory of her husband, Roger Leigh Trapnell, who was a student of mathematics at King's in the late 1920s.