Royal Astronomical Society best PhD thesis

Dr Baojiu Li of DAMTP has been awarded the 2010 Royal Astronomical Society Michael Penston Prize for the best PhD thesis in astronomy and astrophysics submitted during the last year. His thesis title was:

'Physical and Cosmological Implications of Modified Gravity Theories'.

Dr Baojiu Li

Baojiu has a BS degree in Physics from Tsinghua University and an MPhil in Physics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Baojiu's PhD work in DAMTP was supervised by Professor John Barrow and he received financial support from Cambridge Overseas Trust, from Queens' College and from DAMTP.

Baojiu continues to work in DAMTP on problems of cosmology, now supported by a Research Fellowship from Queens' College and by the STFC rolling grant to the Relativity and Cosmology Group.