Euromech Fluid Mechanics Prize for Professor John Hinch

Professor John Hinch of DAMTP has been awarded the 2010 Fluid Mechanics Prize of the European Mechanics Society "for his exceptionally insightful contributions to fluid mechanics covering an extraordinarily wide range of topics including micro-hydrodynamics, interfacial flows, colloidal dispersions, suspension mechanics and sedimentation, flow through porous media, particulate and granular flows, polymer rheology and non-Newtonian fluid dynamics and for his innovative contributions to a variety of industrial processes".

Professor Hinch gave a Prize Lecture at the recent Euromech Fluid Mechanics conference in Bad Reichenhall in Germany, with the title 'A perspective of Batchelor's research in Micro-hydrodynamics'. (George Batchelor, who was Head of DAMTP for 24 years from its founding in 1959, played a leading role in the establishment of Euromech for promotion of fluid mechanics in Europe and was Chairman of the European Mechanics Committee from 1966 until 1987.)

Professor E.J. Hinch