Adrian Kent awarded Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship

Dr A.P.A. Kent

Dr Adrian Kent, Reader in Quantum Physics in DAMTP,has recently been awarded a Research Fellowship by the Leverhulme Trust. The competition for these Fellowships is held annually and is open to experienced researchers and academics in all academic disciplines. The Fellowships allow the holders to focus on research full-time for a period of up to a year.

The title of Dr Kent's Research Fellowship project is "Mathematical Characterization of Quantum Reality". The ultimate goal of this work is to give us a new way of thinking about quantum theory and its relation to classical physics, and give a firmer foundation for the quantum theory of closed systems in general and for quantum cosmological predictions in particular. A major secondary goal is to develop a deeper understanding of the landscape of physicaltheories that generalize quantum theory, and thereby to identify experiments that test new aspects of quantum theory or test the theory in new regimes.

Dr Kent is one of the founder members of the research effort in quantum information in DAMTP, now evolved into the Centre for Quantum Information and Foundations.