Science overview

The COSMOS consortium primarily studies:

  1. The origin of the Universe in a Hot Big Bang
  2. The cosmic microwave background radiation
  3. The formation of large-scale structure
Find out more about our science goals here.


Hardware configuration

COSMOS Mark VIII - is an SGI Altix UV1000 System with a Globally Shared Memory, linked via Infiniband (IB) to a high performance SGI IS4100 Infinitestorage system. . See more here.

COSMOS System Manager

Team members

Supporting the COSMOS consortium is Andrey Kaliazin (system administration and programming support).

Scientific publications

Since the COSMOS launch in 1997, over 400 papers have been published by consortium members based on research using the central supercomputer or linked servers. Here is the most recent list from the past three years.

COSMOS Sponsors:

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