COSMOS: University of Cambridge conditions of use

Rules of the University of Cambridge
Information Technology Syndicate

Users of COSMOS must abide by the rules of the Information Technology Syndicate in the University of Cambridge (UCITS). The current version of these rules can be found at the following highlighted URL and it is understood that these have been read and understood by users applying for access to COSMOS:

Rules of the Information Technology Syndicate

In summary, these rules state state nine basic principles:

  1. No person shall use, or allow to be used by others, IT Facilities without authorization.
  2. IT resources are allocated individually and for the purposes designated.
  3. No person shall interfere with the work of another user or jeopardize system integrity.
  4. Information obtained through IT Facilities must be treated as privileged.
  5. Information which is designated by the IT as confidential must be treated as such.
  6. The Data Protection Act 1984 applies to keeping or processing personal data.
  7. No person shall use IT Facilities for private financial gain or commercial purposes.
  8. Any person who misuses IT Facilities may be charged with the cost of such misuse.
  9. No person shall use IT Facilities for unlawful activities.

Guidelines of the Information Technology Syndicate

In addition, the UCITS has a set of guidelines for the use of IT facilities which can be found at the above highlighted web site. This rather long document amplifies the UCITS Rules and covers the following topics:

  • Authorisation
  • Allocation
  • Antisocial Behaviour
  • Networks
  • Usenet Newsgroups
  • Copyright
  • Mail and mail addresses
  • Junk mail and offensive mail
  • Mailing lists
  • Mail forgery
  • Private Workstations
  • Confidentiality
  • Discipline
  • While users can be fined (or indeed sued) for breaking the UCITS rules and guidelines, the chief punishment is suspension or removal of access to computer resources.