Information for Current Research Students within DAMTP and DPMMS

This section provides information for research students within DAMTP and DPMMS. It brings together documentation and administrative information, as well as links to resources that students will find useful throughout their studies.

Code of Practice for Research Degrees

The University publishes a Code of Practice for Research Degrees which sets out the formalities of life as a research student. The Code of Practice applies to research students across the University.

Research Student Handbooks

To complement the Code of Practice, DAMTP and DPMMS both produce a Research Student Handbook. These handbooks set out in detail local practices, procedures and requirements for your specific course of study.

DAMTP Handbook DPMMS Handbook
2017-2018 2017-2018
2016-2017  2016-2017
2015-2016 2015-2016
2014-2015 2014-2015
2013-2014 2013-2014

In addition to the handbook, DAMTP also provide the following document:

Research Conduct and Academic Integrity

Good conduct in research and academic integrity is expected of all students at all stages of their careers. The University and Faculty provide guidance on these matters. It is expect that all students will abide by the principles set out in this guidance.

Researcher Development

Both DAMTP and DPMMS are committed to providing students with opportunities to develop skills which will help them to have a successful career, whether in research and training, or beyond academia. There are many opportunities for students to participate in activities, workshops and formal training both at CMS, within the University and Colleges, or beyond. All research students are required to submit a Researcher Development Log each year at the end of Easter term.  The RD log should document activities that you have participated in. For further information on Researcher Development, including a template RD log see:

Conference attendance and research visits

Going to conferences is regarded as an important part of your training. Each Department offers some support to students and has its own requirements and procedures as set out below.  You must discuss any plans for conference attendance and/or research visits with your supervisor, and seek his/her approval prior to travel. All Research Students must take out pre-trip insurance, which is free.  Please see the Insurance Section website.

Note that students are not required to apply formally for Leave to Work Away to go to conferences or on short research visits, provided that they are away for no more than a maximum of two weeks.  Please consult the Student Registry guidance on Leave to Work Away if you intend to be away from Cambridge for a longer period of time. Guidance can also be found on the Degree Committee webpages (inludes Risk Assessment template).

Information for DAMTP students

The Department will normally support your attendance at three meetings (national or international) during your three years.  Ideally a Pre-Application form should be submitted before a Student Expenses Claim form.

Information for DPMMS students

You must obtain approval for your trip before committing to any expenditure. The Department will normally contribute up to £500 for your first conference. Support for subsequent conferences will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Appointment of Examiners and Examination procedures

For guidance on the appointment of examiners and examinations procedures in general please see:

Careers and Industry

Both Departments seek to provide opportunities for students to find out more about career paths outside of academia and to build relationships with industry and other partners.




Student Support

In most circumstances your supervisor will be your first port of call if you encounter problems or difficulties during your studies.  In addition, or instead, you may wish to consult with your adviser or college tutor dependent upon the nature of the problem.  Both DAMTP and DPMMS are committed to the welfare of students, and both have a Director of Graduate Education and a Research Student Adviser/Graduate Education Officer, who are available to offer help and guidance to research students in difficulties.  They are:

DAMTP Director of Graduate Education, Professor Natalia Berloff
DAMTP Research Student Adviser, Professor Nick Dorey

DPMMS Director of Graduate Education, Professor Tony Scholl

The handbook for your department will set out further information on what to do and whom you might consult for advice if you encounter problems during the course of your studies.

See also:

Students' Unions' Advice Service

The Students' Unions' Advice Service provides confidential, impartial and independent advice to all students at Cambridge, undergraduate and graduate from any College. The Advice Service can help students on a whole range of issues, from making friends to exams, from intermission to bullying, and from welfare concerns to finance. The advisers in the team are warm and welcoming, and you can discuss anything with them.


The Mathematics Graduate Office is located in C0.15. Please contact the office if you have queries or require assistance with administrative matters.