RDP at CMS: Past Events and Testimonials

Past Events

  • Starting your PhD (Last run at CMS 8 November 2013)
  • Writing your 1st Year Report (Last run at CMS 22 November 2013)
  • Making Contact and Making Your Contacts Work for You (Last run at CMS 05 December 2013)
  • The Art of Negotiation and Influence (Last run at CMS 11 December 2013)


When asked 'What did you like about the course?' DAMTP and DPMMS students who attended these courses provided the following feedback:

Time management course

'The instructor was good and I liked the fact that he had a good perspective - the course wasn't on how to cram as much as possible into one day, but how to use the time you have in the way that best suits you.' (DAMTP)

'The urgent/important classification of tasks that we learned about sounded very useful. I have already started applying it with good results! I like how the course leader made it very interactive, and there was a lot of audience participation and discussion.' (DPMMS)

Starting your PhD

'It got me thinking about the big picture regarding my research. The Q&A session with third-year students was very useful. It was good to get a timeline for the PhD.' (DAMTP)

Writing your 1st Year Report

'Hands-on writing practice - it really forced me to think about how I would approach the report.' (DAMTP)

Presentation Skills (with one-to-one feedback)

'I liked practical skills acquired.' (DAMTP)

The Art of Negotiation and Influence

'Very insightful, useful, real life applications.' (DAMTP)

'Everything! It was awesome.' (DPMMS)

Effective Communication (Non-verbal)

'Good presenter. useful information. Ideas presented in a way that I can directly use them without too much trouble. Activities proved useful.' (DAMTP)