DAMTP/CMS Seminar Series

The Department uses talks.cam to store information about events and seminars. The relevant series with scheduled talks are:

For other seminars at CMS:

Additionally, there is a talks.cam series which aggregates all of the above, to show all seminars at the CMS.

The information from talks.cam is used to update the plasma/lcd information screens at the CMS and drives the sidepanels of this page and the main and internal pages.

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Seminar given at CMS Seminar given at CMS
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Friday May 25 16:00

Double-diffusive fingering at low Prandtl number
Pascale Garaud (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)

Friday June 1 13:30

2nd-Year Student Talks - NB: 1.30pm prompt start time
Various speakers
Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)

Friday June 8 16:00

Droplets and vortices, and their complicated relationship
Rama Govindarajan (Tata Institute, Bangalore)
Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)

Friday June 15 16:00

Yield stress fluids at an interface: coating and slipping
Elise Lorenceau (University of Grenoble)
Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)