University of Cambridge

Frances Elwell (née Gibson)

I completed my PhD in the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory at the Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics. My thesis, entitled flushing of embayments, was submitted in November 2004.

I am now working as a graduate engineer with Mott MacDonald in the Water and Environmental Management Unit.

As an undergraduate I studied engineering at the Cambridge University Engineering Department. After the first two years of general engineering, I went on to specialise in fluid mechanics.

During my time at Cambridge I have been a student at Queens' College where I sang alto in the college Chapel Choir.

Further information:

Frances Elwell

Cliff and I got married on 27th March 2004. We have a website with information about our wedding.

Cliff also has a website where you can find out what he gets up to!

Last updated: 5th April 2005
F.C. Elwell