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Mailing Address:

Gabriel G. Rooney
University of Cambridge
Silver Street,
Cambridge CB3 9EW

Phone: (outside U.K. dial 44-1223 ...)

01223 337 840 lab
01223 337 918 FAX



Copy of my thesis:

Email me if you want the viewer put back on.

Research Interests:

Among my research interests are non-Boussinesq flows, axisymmetric constant-flux gravity currents, plumes, impinging plumes, and fires.

Frequently browsed internet Sites:

DAMTP Home Page,

lots of blah from the European Union,

and a Political Links page (with lots of interesting things on it).


where I live
The Shipping Forecast (with Map)
o and there is also now the Batter the Haddock page, but DON'T look at the song lyrics because they're very rude indeed.

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