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"The physical scientist does not see the ocean as a source of wealth
or a jumble of geographic curiosities. They see it as a hydrodynamic
phenomenon: larger than their laboratory, smaller than a star."

Henry Stommel 1970

Dipolar eddies in the Labrador Sea: Eurpean Space Agency ERS-1 Satellite image showing sea surface temperature
Scale: 512kmx512km
(Mutlow et al  1994, J. Geophys. Res. 99)

Eddies in the laboratory: Velocity and vorticity map showing quasi-horziontal eddies in a tank of density
stratified fluid (salt water) rotating about a vertical axis
Scale: 61cmx61cm

Research Interests

Laboratory and mathematical modelling of buoyancy-driven and stratified rotating fluid flows with applications to atmospheric and oceanic dynamics Mixing in gravity currents Gravity currents in rotating channels Vortices in stratifed fluids Qausi-2D turbulence in stratified rotating fluids Publications c.v.

Mailing Address

Dr J. N. Hacker University of Cambridge D.A.M.T.P. Silver Street Cambridge CB3 9EW UK +44 01223 337 744 (office) +44 01223 337 840 (lab) +44 01223 337 918 (fax) email: j.hacker@damtp.cam.ac.uk

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