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Age: 18 months
Height: Just a little shorter than Jennifer
Weight: Possibly heavier than Jennifer
Appetite: Excellent, so long as he is in control!
Vocabulary: About 10 words and 20 animal sounds
Favourite animal: Lion
Favourite saying: Roarrrr
Second favourite animal: Dog
Second favourite saying: Woof woof
Favourite toy: Whatever Jennifer is playing with
Next word to be learnt: "Computer" (taught by Jennifer)

Like Jennifer before him, Cameron, at eighteen months, has started the terrible two's early. Currently his answer to everything is "No" and he can't even talk yet! He is almost as heavy as Jennifer and is tall for his age. He seems to be meeting all his development targets and is a cheerful little boy with a wicked sense of humour. He has definitely added massively to the complication of our situation, but he is so delightful that we can't regret too much his unexpected presence in our family.

Claire, our Nanny , looks after both Jennifer and Cameron during the week, except for Thursdays when Jennifer attends a local Nursery and Cameron has Claire all to himself.


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