Claire, Our Nanny


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Claire, Our Nanny

We have a young lady from Nottingham called Claire as our Nanny. Her main work is to look after Cameron and Jennifer during the day. Claire is very much loved by the children and shows much patience with them. We have found that we are finally starting to get our patience back. The stress of the last couple of years has hit both of us hard and we both have difficulties at times keeping our cool. Jennifer and Cameron seem to be quite bright and are boding well to give us a real run-around when they are older (more than they do now? - Ed).

Claire also looks after Robert between the times his school bus arrives home at about 3:45pm and when one or the other of us get home, generally around 4:30pm. Claire stays around until 6:00pm to help with the preparation of food and feeding of the kids. Now that Cameron is older it is much more possible to look after all three children with only one adult at mealtimes, though not something to be attempted every day. Robert is still completely dependant on someone to feed him at meals. He will very occasionally put food in his mouth but more usually just casts it overboard. As he tends to clear a table of everything within arms reach we have devised a "high-chair" from a gas-lift office chair with a slide-on Stuart-made table (locked in place with bungies). Because it is on 5 sets of wheels he cannot upset it on the lino floor with his rocking. We are finding that as he gets older and further and further removed from his abilities compared with his size we are having to become more inventive in terms of coming up with the "baby" things that are a better match to his abilities.


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