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Age: 3years 2months, but thinks she is a BIG girl
Height: Just managing to keep ahead of Cameron
Appetite: Poor, unless it is (a) chocolate, (b) chips/crisps, (c) tomato sauce or (d) anything else the parents would prefer she did not like
Favourite mode of transport: On the back of Daddy's bike
Favourite destination: Daddy's work (to play with the rubber ducks in the wave tank)
Favourite animal: Cat
Favourite toy: Whatever Cameron is playing with
Favourite saying: "I need a cuddle"

Jennifer is developing into a sophisticated little girl. She believes the world is her oyster and parents are very much there for her convenience. Cuddles are demanded and expected at all times, especially after being told off. She is interested in anything and everything, one moment very mature and the next a baby. She spends a lot of time being her "Dad's little helper" on the various decorating tasks, and loves going into his work on the rare occasion when child-care arrangements fail. Both her and Cameron are having to learn to deal with Rob's behaviour and are doing very well. It is must be very hard for them to understand and accommodate his often unpredictable actions. When he has been particularly difficult it tends to manifest itself in them being naughty - even little ones have to let out their stress.

During the week, Jennifer and Cameron are cared for by Claire, our Nanny , although Jennifer also attends a local Nursery every Thursday.


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