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Age: 6years 2months
Height: About the length of the bath
Appetite: Up to five Wheetabix for breakfast!
Favourite activity: Pulling everyone's hair
Favourite mode of transport: Rocking/bouncing his chair
Favourite saying: Ahhh (with lots of different meanings)
New trick (1): Sitting up (the hard way)
New trick (2): Getting from one side of the room to the other (takes about 30 minutes)

Robert has progressed in leaps and bounds this year. He is now fairly stable sitting. He can lie down and sit up on his own. He is just starting to use his feet as counter-balances, though at the beginning he was sitting up by doing by a brute strength straight-legged sit-up. He can also move himself across a room very slowly on his backside. It takes about half an hour but it is a wonderful achievement. It means that he is finally learning to use his arms for balance. Rob is not able to crawl yet as he cannot put any real weight on his arms. We feel that there is a real possibility in that area in the next couple of years. Rob still has no speech but seems to be understanding more each day. Unfortunately his behaviour is becoming more difficult to cope with physically as he gets older - it was much easier to deal with to tantrums and flailing arms when he was only little. We think he sometimes finds it very difficult to cope with his rather severe limitations, however he continues to be, on the whole, a happy and sunny lad. We are hoping that the "exercises" that we do with him on a fairly regular basis will continue to bear fruit. We still have no diagnosis which means the hope can continue to be boundless, if not always realistic.

Robert goes to a Special school during the day, being picked up by the school bus at about 8:30am and brought home by around 3:45pm. Claire, our Nanny , manages to keep him and the other two entertained until one of us gets home at around 4:30pm.


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