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The University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate continues to offer Sharon at least as many frustrations as financial benefits. At 32.5 hours per week, Sharon is virtually full-time, but currently dealing with attitudes that keep her performing fairly silly little pieces of work "suited to my situation" of working mother. Moreover, Sharon has been told that her career as a Systems Analyst/Programmer will not go anywhere while she continues to be part-time. She has been stuck in a user-support role with inadequate resources or backup to support poorly planned and implemented systems dumped on the users. As a result of this attitude, we have been trying over the last few months to see if Sharon could increase her working hours by the four hours per week to make it up to full-time - either that or change jobs or maybe give up work altogether for a couple of years. The increase in hours looks possible through a combination of starting a little earlier (leaving Stuart to get the kids up, dressed and ready for their various activities), and reorganisation of the end of the day. This is possible primarily because as Cameron gets older it is more possible for one of us or our Nanny to look after all three kids by themselves.


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