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Stuart is still working in DAMTP (the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics , the University of Cambridge ) working on a variety of projects. The one which is paying the bills at present is funded by Yorkshire Water. The title of this project sounds really exciting: "Optimisation of Sewage Settling Tanks". Basically they want to find out more of the physics involved. Present design criteria follow "rules of thumb" dating from Victorian times. Other things he is working on include "Rayleigh-Taylor Instability", "Turbulence in Stratified, Rotating Systems", "Spreading and Vaporisation of Liquid Pool Spills", "Internal Waves in Stratified Fluids", "Gravity Currents", "Dust Resuspension"… Too many things to go into details here. For those of you interested, you could look at Stuart's web pages . One of the things that ties most of this work together is laboratory experiments and DigImage , the image processing system he has been developing over the last seven years and have been selling as a part-time business for the last four.

Much of Stuart's time at work, however, goes into running the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory . There are some 30 researchers (staff, postdocs, PhD students and visitors) working there with three technicians and a technical officer. He is officially the "Deputy Director" of the lab, which means that in practice he does much of the day-to-day management, planning, trouble shooting and design work.

All his spare time over the last year has been consumed by a combination of the kids and the house.


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