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This Christmas

One of the advantages about writing Christmas letters after the fact is that it is possible to include details about how Christmas was this year. The answer is "quiet" in a hectic sort of way. With three kids, it is impossible to have a truly quiet Christmas. What made it quiet was that we did not try to do much… Just as well, as kids plus the weather have an amazing ability to spoil any plans. At present (New Years Eve) there is a dusting of snow on the ground outside, with the midday temperatures a staggering -2C. Beautiful and sunny though, real Christmas Card weather: unfortunately I didn't get around to videoing outside to give you some good pictures…

For Christmas itself, there were just the six of us… No, our family is definitely not getting any bigger, rather we have my cousin Roger Bull staying with us. He is in the UK at present on a working holiday - currently doing the working bit as this is not a good time to be holidaying.

Christmas day started sunny (no snow) with a huge pile of presents under the tree. Unfortunately only a few of them were for me, and the three little ones soon demonstrated a great ability to rip the paper off in record time.

Soon there were toys scattered everywhere, discarded in favour of the next surprise hiding in another parcel.

Eventually the chaos transmuted into some form of order. One of the main presents for the adults - oops, I mean kids - was a whole lot more Duplo blocks and track (Duplo = Lego for younger children). Since then the kids (of all ages) have had hours of fun constructing railways, houses, farms,…

All we need now to round off the Christmas break is a really good snow fall. Jennifer has been most disappointed that we have not yet been able to make a good snowman!


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