Dr Adriana I. Pesci



  • 2007-date: Senior Research Associate, Universityof Cambridge
  • 2003-2007: Senior Lecturer, Universityof Arizona


My work is  focused in two maint areas  i) topological transitions in Fluid Dynamics  ii) applications of Fluid Dynamics to solutions of living organisms.

The first area is,  and has been for a long time, my main line of research starting with the study of drop pinchin in the late 1990's . The latest work relates to reconnection of Plateau borders and collapse of bounded minimal surfaces in the context of soap films.

The second one connects Fluid Mechanics with Biophysics. In particular the  study of flows produced by swimming organisms and the development of equations of motion to describe the sef-sustained oscillations of long thin filaments.

Selected Publications

  • Antiphase Synchronization in a Flagellar-Dominance Mutant of Chlamydomonas
    Kyriacos C. Leptos, Kirsty Y. Wan, Marco Polin, Idan Tuval, Adriana I. Pesci, and Raymond E. Goldstein
    Physical Review Letters 111, 158101 (2013)
  • Topological Constraints and Their Breakdown in Dynamical Evolution
    Raymond E. Goldstein, H. Keith Moffatt, and Adriana I. Pesci
    Nonlinearity 25, R85-R98 (2012)