Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
K A Bacik H0.14 kab81@damtp (7)60461
A Bacot H1.04 ab2522@damtp (7)64066
P J Baddoo G0.05 pjb204@damtp (7)60425
Y. Baek G1.05 yjb22@damtp
B.T. Bagnall EL.07 B.Bagnall@damtp (7)64246
D I Baker G0.05 dib27@damtp (7)60425
T Baldauf B0.22 tb561@damtp (7)65250
R Barczyk B0.29 rb783@damtp
A E Barns-Graham B2.24 a.e.barnsgraham@damtp (7)66914
J Barrett
J.D. Barrow B0.18 J.D.Barrow@damtp (7)66696
A. Bastounis F0.13 A.Bastounis@maths
J.K.R. Bausch FL.07 J.K.R.Bausch@damtp (7)60367
J. Bazin B1.31 J.Bazin@damtp (7)64289
M Benning G2.08 mb941@cam (7)60449
D Benzeggouta H0.14 db775@damtp
B Beri F0.14 b.beri@damtp (7)60382
B Beringue B0.08 bb510@damtp (7)66835
N.G. Berloff G1.02 N.G.Berloff@damtp (3)37860
W. Béthune F1.03 wb288@damtp (7)60387
R Bittleston B0.03 rb697@damtp (7)66916
H U T Bjorkmo B1.15 T.Bjorkmo@damtp (3)37024
C V R Board B0.14 cvrb2@damtp (7)60429
M M Boddé G0.02 mmb52@damtp (7)60415
E Boek G0.13 esb30@damtp (7)60431
A Boggis ab2400@damtp
E.J.D. Boland (nee Thompson) E.Boland@damtp (7)66349
A Bolitho G2.02 ab2075@damtp (7)60457
Ø L Borthne G2.02 olb23@damtp (7)60457
I.M.M. Borzym BL.32 I.M.M.Borzym@damtp (7)64285
F Boselli H0.16 fb448@damtp (3)37888
A.R. Boyle B0.16 A.R.Boyle@damtp (7)66839
P Boyle Smith B2.12 pb594@damtp (7)66912
S Brierley sb2053@damtp (7)60367
D. Bright G0.16 D.Bright@maths (7)66820
S. Bristow H1.11 (3)36494
C. Brown H0.09 c.brown@damtp (3)39737
S Burnham B1.27
M Butler mfb12@damtp
M Butler