Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
M Dadonau H1.20 md732@damtp (3)39208
N. Daish H0.12 ncd1@damtp (7)64043
S.B. Dalziel H0.11 S.Dalziel@damtp (3)37911
A Dana
O Darwish B0.02 od261@damtp (7)66833
D Das H2.06 dd496@damtp (7)64071
N. Datta F0.08 N.Datta@damtp (3)37955
T-F Dauck H1.04 tfd23@damtp (7)64066
J Dauparas H2.03 J.Dauparas@damtp (7)60439
D Daverio BL.34 dd415@damtp (7)64106
M.K. Davey G1.14 M.K.Davey@damtp (7)60427
M.S. Davies Wykes H1.03 M.S.Davies-Wykes@damtp (7)64053
J E Davighi B0.40 jed60@damtp (3)39208
A.C. Davis B2.18 A.C.Davis@damtp (3)37878
B. Davis
F Day fvd21@damtp
P.D. D'Eath B2.06 pdd1000@damtp (3)37906
N Debroux F2.08 nd448@damtp (3)37867
G De Canio H2.06 g.decanio@damtp (7)65251
G. Del Zanna F1.05 G.Del-Zanna@damtp (3)37916
H de Maleprade H0.16 hd397@damtp (3)37888
A Denson ajd31@cam (3)37840
J W Dewberry F1.18 jwd43@damtp (7)60387
Z Ding G1.14 zd260@damtp (7)60427
M. Doerrzapf M.Doerrzapf@damtp (7)64250
J Dolezal G2.03 jd786@damtp (7)60450
N. Dorey B1.17 N.Dorey@damtp (3)37883
E Dormy F2.04 (3)37889
L.J. Drath L.J.Drath@damtp (7)64060
A L Drew B1.04 ad652@damtp (7)65244
I.T. Drummond B0.30 I.T.Drummond@damtp (7)64276
R P Dufresne F1.09 rpd21@damtp (7)60393
M. Dunajski B0.38 M.Dunajski@damtp (7)64265
O. Dunn B0.27 osd1000@cam (3)37852
R.M. Durbin G0.08 R.M.Durbin@damtp (7)60447