Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
P.A. Haas H0.04 P.A.Haas@damtp (7)64051
S J Haco B0.08 sjh245@damtp (7)66835
M.A. Hallworth HL.09 M.A.Hallworth@damtp (3)37841
C Hamilton F1.14 ch783@damtp (7)60398
A.C. Hansen F2.01 A.C.Hansen@damtp (7)60403
E P Hanson F0.05 eh540@damtp (7)64284
J G I H Harrison B2.11 jgihh2@damtp (7)66913
P. Hashemzadeh F2.08 hashemzadeh@damtp (7)60384
J.E.M. Hawkins B0.15 jemh4@cam (7)66692
P.H. Haynes G1.13 P.H.Haynes@damtp (3)37862
T. Heinemann T.Heinemann@damtp (7)60393
L E Held F1.01 leh50@damtp (3)37885
S. Herbert FL.07 sjh227@damtp (7)60367
A Herrmann H0.16 ah895@damtp (3)37888
D.R. Hewitt H1.07 D.R.Hewitt@damtp (7)64067
A Hilfinger G1.19 ah336@damtp (7)60442
E.J. Hinch G1.07 E.J.Hinch@damtp (3)37864
C.M. Hitch CL.09 (3)37840
S. Höhn H0.03 S.Hoehn@damtp (3)37859
R.R. Horgan B2.19 R.R.Horgan@damtp (3)37839
C J Howland H0.14 cjh225@damtp (7)60461
S. Humm No desk (7)65000
J M C Hung B1.04 jmch2@damtp (7)65244
R.E. Hunt No desk (7)65000
H.E. Huppert H1.13 H.E.Huppert@damtp (3)37853
Y. Hwang G0.13 Y.Hwang@damtp (7)60417