Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
H Lancaster B0.16 hjl48@damtp (7)64777
M Landeau H2.07 landeau@damtp (3)38559
P.V. Landshoff BL.03 P.V.Landshoff@damtp (3)37880
L Lang F2.04 ll542@damtp (3)37889
H. N Latter F1.19 H.Latter@damtp (3)37907
E. Lauga H0.07 E.Lauga@damtp (3)37031
C Lee B0.07 ccl51@damtp (3)37897
R.F. Lee B0.28 rl201@damtp (3)37850
A. Lefauve H1.03 lefauve@damtp (7)48905
O Leicht B1.38 ol248@damtp (7)65249
K. Leptos H0.03 K.Leptos@damtp (3)37859
P K C Leung F1.18 pkcl2@damtp (7)60400
Y I Li G2.03 yl511@damtp (7)60450
J Liang F2.04 jl993@damtp (3)37889
E Lila D0.12 (7)60370
P.F. Linden H1.18 P.F.Linden@damtp (3)37890
M Lisicki H2.05 m.lisicki@damtp (7)60370
J.R. Lister H1.08 J.Lister@damtp (3)30888
S Liu BL.04 sl921@damtp
N.N. Ljepojevic F1.05 N.N.Ljepojevic@damtp
N Lohitsiri B0.40 nl313@damtp (7)66830
S T Loi F1.04 stl36@damtp (7)60388
A Lozinski F1.09 al878@damtp (7)60393
C K Lumby ckl35@damtp (7)60415
E M Lynch F1.01 eml52@damtp (7)60385
B Lyu G0.01 bl362@damtp (7)60417