Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
A.J. Macfarlane B0.34 A.J.Macfarlane@damtp (7)64252
M.U. Madigan B0.41 mum20@cam
H. Mahmood B0.41 hm516@cam (7)64255
N.S. Manton B2.10 N.S.Manton@damtp (3)37879
C Markakis B1.11 (3)37897
V.K. Markeviciute G1.17 vkm28@cam (7)60445
T. Markovich G2.05 tm598@damtp (7)60453
P. Markowich G1.18 P.A.Markowich@damtp (7)60441
G.T. Marlow G.T.Marlow@damtp
M. C. D. Marsh B1.23 M.C.D.Marsh@damtp (7)66873
H.E. Mason F1.08 H.E.Mason@damtp (3)37898
L. McClure EL.03 (7)64664
M McCullough
M.E. McIntyre G1.12 M.E.McIntyre@damtp (3)37871
C McKenna G1.11 cm822@damtp (7)60446
P. D Meerburg B0.23 pdm46@cam (7)66827
J.F. Melo B1.04 jfm54@cam (7)65244
S Melville B0.30 sm2366@damtp (7)64276
A.J. Mestel G0.13 A.J.Mestel@damtp (7)60363
G. Micklem G0.07 G.Micklem@damtp (7)60397
L Middleton H1.20 lm758@damtp (3)39208
J.P. Milton CL.10 J.Milton@damtp (3)37848
A.D. Ming G2.03 A.Ming@damtp (7)60450
A Mitov adm74@cam
U. Mitra-Kraev F1.05 U.Mitra-Kraev@damtp
P. Mitton
H.K. Moffatt G0.07 H.K.Moffatt@damtp (7)60397
H Moradi F0.15 hm598@cam (7)60383
C.B. Mortimer B0.25 (7)60374
V. Mullins F0.09 V.Mullins@damtp (7)60394