Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
S. Paardekooper F1.14 S.Paardekooper@damtp (7)60398
J Page H1.19 (7)64060
D. Page-Croft CL.08 D.Page-Croft@damtp (3)37842
J.N. Paice G0.16 J.N.Paice@maths (7)66820
E Pajer B1.02 ep551@damtp (7)66918
J.C.B. Papaloizou F1.13 J.C.B.Papaloizou@damtp (7)60390
J B Paris F1.01 jp514@damtp (7)60385
S Parisotto sp751@maths
J. Parke B0.42 J.Parke@damtp (7)64267
D A Parker H0.15 dap58@damtp (3)37858
J P Parker H0.09 jpp39@damtp (3)39737
J.L. Partridge H1.02 J.L.Partridge@damtp (7)64064
D. Paulton Conway No desk (7)65000
N. Peake B1.36 N.Peake@damtp
T.J. Pedley G0.03 T.J.Pedley@damtp (3)39842
G.G. Peng H1.07 G.G.Peng@damtp (7)64067
L.M. Perrone F1.04 lmp61@cam (7)60388
M.J. Perry B1.26 M.J.Perry@damtp (3)37895
A.I. Pesci H0.05 A.I.Pesci@damtp (7)64954
P. Peter B2.17 ppp26@damtp
J Peterson jp838@damtp (7)60453
P. Petkaki P.Petkaki@damtp
O Petrie G1.17 op246@damtp (7)60445
P Pietzonka G2.07 pp462@damtp (3)37866
D. PitalĂșa-Garcia FL.07 D.Pitalua-Garcia@damtp (7)60367
G Poole
C.M.H.S. Poon F2.02 C.M.H.S.Poon@maths (7)60404
C.N. Pope C.Pope@damtp
M J Priddin G1.19 mjp98@damtp (7)60450
N Procter B0.09 np383@damtp (7)65253
M.R.E. Proctor F1.07 M.R.E.Proctor@damtp (3)37913