Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
M.A. Sabin M.A.Sabin@damtp (3)37917
H. Salman G0.13 H.Salman@damtp (7)60363
O L Salter Fitz-Gibbon B0.13 os320@damtp (3)37909
J.E.P. Santos B2.02 J.E.Santos@damtp (3)37872
J Scard B2.16 jrs96@damtp (7)62872
C.B. Schönlieb F0.06 C.B.Schoenlieb@damtp (7)64251
C J Sear G1.11 cjs215@damtp (7)60446
A A Sefilian F1.14 aas79@damtp (7)60398
K Sexton B1.28 kb484@damtp (3)37968
A. Shadrin F2.03 A.Shadrin@damtp (7)66887
A Sharpe EL.06 as2919@damtp
E.P.S. Shellard B2.07 E.P.Shellard@damtp (3)37896
F Sherry F0.07 fs436@maths (7)64269
B D Sherwin B2.06 bds30@damtp (3)37906
J. Sherwood G1.06 J.D.Sherwood@damtp (7)60436
B Simons B0.05 bds10@damtp (7)66833
K N Singh H0.09 kns25@damtp (3)39737
R Singh G2.07 rs2004@damtp (3)37866
D.B. Skinner B1.21 D.B.Skinner@damtp (7)66921
J Smith js252@damtp
J W Smith G1.19 jws52@damtp (7)60442
K. Smith H1.19 ks843@damtp (7)64060
O.G. Smith B0.19 O.G.Smith@damtp (7)64268
W H Sohn B0.10 ws313@damtp (7)66836
J Song H1.02 js2323@damtp (7)64064
U. Sperhake B1.01 U.Sperhake@damtp (7)66861
F Spivack fs462@damtp
M. Spivack G0.09 M.Spivack@damtp (3)37861
O.R. Spivack G0.09 O.Rath-Spivack@damtp (3)37861
A.L. Stagg B2.16 A.Stagg@damtp (3)37873
T Steele B1.09 ts715@damtp (3)37843
J Stevens F0.09 js2463@cam (3)38177
S. Strelchuk F0.15 S.Strelchuk@damtp (7)60383
D.M.A. Stuart B2.22 D.M.A.Stuart@damtp (3)37849
M Studzinski F0.15 ms2348@damtp (7)60383
S Subramanian FL.06 ss2310@damtp (7)60366
J. Supel B0.14 js2154@cam (7)65254
J.E. Sutton J.E.Sutton@damtp (3)37882
A C K Swan D0.22 acks2@maths (7)60493
B. Sweet Reception CMS B.Sweet@maths (7)65000