Email & phone list of all members of DAMTP

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
M.A. Sabin F2.05 M.A.Sabin@damtp (3)37917
H. Salman G0.13 H.Salman@damtp (3)37860
O L Salter Fitz-Gibbon B0.13 os320@damtp (3)37909
J.E.P. Santos B2.02 J.E.Santos@damtp (3)37872
I.S.B. Sardharwalla FL.06 I.S.B.Sardharwalla@damtp (7)60366
C.B. Schönlieb F0.06 C.B.Schoenlieb@damtp (7)64251
C J Sear G1.11 cjs215@damtp (7)60446
A A Sefilian F1.14 aas79@damtp (7)60398
K Sexton B1.28 kb484@damtp (3)37968
A. Shadrin F2.03 A.Shadrin@damtp (7)66887
E.P.S. Shellard B2.07 E.P.Shellard@damtp (3)37896
F Sherry F0.07 fs436@maths (7)64269
B D Sherwin B1.02 bds30@damtp (7)66918
J. Sherwood G1.06 J.D.Sherwood@damtp (7)60436
V Shumaylova F1.04 vs391@damtp (7)60388
K N Singh H0.09 kns25@damtp (3)39737
R Singh G2.07 rs2004@damtp (3)37866
D.B. Skinner B1.21 D.B.Skinner@damtp (7)66921
J Smith js252@damtp
J W Smith G1.19 jws52@damtp (7)60442
K. Smith H1.19 ks843@damtp (7)64060
O.G. Smith B0.19 O.G.Smith@damtp (7)64268
W H Sohn B0.10 ws313@damtp (7)66836
J Song H1.02 js2323@damtp (7)64064
T.A. Spelman H2.03 T.A.Spelman@damtp (7)60439
U. Sperhake B1.01 U.Sperhake@damtp (7)66861
F Spivack fs462@damtp
M. Spivack G0.09 M.Spivack@damtp (3)37861
O.R. Spivack G0.09 O.Rath-Spivack@damtp (3)37861
A.L. Stagg B2.16 A.Stagg@damtp (3)37873
T Steele B0.02 ts715@damtp (7)66833
S. Strelchuk F0.15 S.Strelchuk@damtp (7)60383
D.M.A. Stuart B2.22 D.M.A.Stuart@damtp (3)37849
M Studzinski F0.15 ms2348@damtp (7)60383
S Subramanian FL.06 ss2310@damtp (7)60366
R. Suliman G1.04 R.Suliman@damtp (3)39058
J.E. Sutton J.E.Sutton@damtp (3)37882
A C K Swan acks2@maths (7)60493
B. Sweet Reception CMS B.Sweet@maths (7)65000