Mr David I. Baker


  • 2015-current: PhD Student, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
  • 2014-2015: Master of Mathematics (Part III), St. Catharine's College, University of Cambridge
  • 2011-2014: BA Mathematics, St. Catharine's College, University of Cambridge 


David is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Fluid Mechanics research group, specificially the Waves group, completing his PhD under the supervision of Nigel Peake.  His research focuses on the reduction of trailng-edge noise, taking inspiration from the silent flight of owls.

Journal publications

  • Montenegro-Johnson, T. D., Baker, D. I., Smith, D. J., & Lopes, S. S. (2016). Three-dimensional flow in Kupffer’s Vesicle. Journal of Mathematical Biology73(3), 705-725.

  • Jesson, M., Sterling, M., & Baker, D. (2016). Application of ISO4359 for discharge calculation in a narrow flume. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation. 

Conference proceedings

  • Clark, I., Baker, D., Alexander, W. N., Devenport, W. J., Glegg, S. A., Jaworski, J., & Peake, N. (2016). Experimental and theoretical analysis of bio-inspired trailing edge noise control devices. In 22nd AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference (p. 3020).

  • Baker, D. & Peake, N. (2017) Effect of Boundary Layer Shear on Trailing Edge Noise. In 23rd AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, AIAA AVIATION Forum, (AIAA 2017-3169)



Undergraduate courses in the Mathematics Tripos supervised include:

IA: Differential Equations;

IB: Complex Methods; Fluid Dynamics; Methods;

II: Asymptotic Methods;