Professor Gary W. Gibbons, FRS, PhD

Professor of Theoretical Physics



Selected Publications


Complex Methods

  • Part IB Course on Complex Methods. Lecture notes in PDF format.

Quantum Gravity

  • These are the overheads for a lecture given in Oxford in 1995 entitled "How the Complex Numbers Got into Physics" at a meeting on "Complex Numbers in Quantum Mechanics". In PDF format

Special Relativity

  • Part I Lecture Notes on Special Relativity in PDF format. This is a much extended version of notes
    covering the material of the now defunct Part IB course. They should be useful as preliminary reading for the Part II courses on General Relativity and Relativistic Electrodynamics and Cosmology, and also for the Part III courses on General Relativity and Black Holes and Cosmology.

General Relativity


  • Uncorrected transcript of last years Part III course made available by Zhijang Hu. Caveat Lector! In PDF format

Applications of Differential Geometry to Physics

Statistical Physics and Cosmology

Black Holes

Former students