Dr Girjesh R. Gupta



  • March 2018-date: Commonwealth Rutherford Fellow, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
  • Sept 2013-March 2018: DST-INSPIRE Faculty, IUCAA, Pune
  • Aug 2011-Aug 2013: Post-Doctoral Fellow, MPS, Goettingen


Girjesh is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in Atomic Astrophysics research group. His current research interests are contribution of MHD waves in the heating of solar atmosphere and acceleration of solar wind, small-scale transient events in the solar atmosphere, solar UV spectroscopy etc.

Selected Publications

  • Gupta, G. R., Sarkar, A., Tripathi, D., Observation and Modeling of Chromospheric Evaporation in a Coronal Loop Related to Active Region Transient Brightening, 2018, ApJ, 857, 137, arXiv:1803.11172
  • Sharma, A., Gupta, G. R. et al., Direct observations of different sunspot waves influenced by umbral flashes, 2017, ApJ, 850, 206, arXiv:1710.08438
  • Gupta, G. R., Spectroscopic evidence of Alfvén wave damping in the off-limb solar corona, 2017, ApJ, 836, 4, arXiv:1612.09551
  • Gupta, G. R., Tripathi, D., IRIS and SDO observations of recurrent explosive events, 2015, ApJ, 809, 82, arXiv:1506.05327
  • Gupta, G. R., Tripathi, D., Mason, H., Spectroscopic observations of a coronal loop: basic physical plasma parameters along the full loop length, 2015, ApJ, 800, 140, arXiv:1412.7428
  • Chandra, R., Gupta, G. R. et al., Sunspot waves and triggering of homologous active region jets, 2015, MNRAS, 446, 3741, arXiv:1410.8315
  • Gupta, G. R., Observations of dissipation of slow magneto-acoustic waves in a polar coronal hole, 2014, A&A, 568, A96, arXiv:1407.1017
  • Gupta, G. R. et al., Spectroscopic observations of propagating disturbances in polar coronal hole: Evidence of slow magneto-acoustic waves, 2012, A&A, 546, A93, arXiv:1209.3524
  • Gupta, G. R. et al., Accelerating waves in polar coronal holes as seen by EIS and SUMER, 2010, ApJ, 718, 11–22, arXiv:1005.3453

For full list of publications visit: https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=HYyyJJcAAAAJ&hl=en