Professor John Rallison


  • 2007-present Professor of Fluid Dynamics, DAMTP, Cambridge
  • 1998-2007 Reader in Fluid Dynamics, DAMTP, Cambridge
  • 1985-1998 University Lecturer, DAMTP, Cambridge
  • 1976-present Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge


John Rallison is principally concerned with the dynamics of elastic liquids and of viscous liquids.

Selected Publications

  • Miller JC and Rallison JM 2007 Interfacial instability between sheared elastic liquids in a channel J. non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 143,71-87.
  • Miller JC and Rallison JM 2007 Instability of co-extruded elastic liquids at high Weissenberg number J. non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 143,88-106.
  • Malaga CA and Rallison JM 2007 A rising bubble in a polymer solution. J. non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 141 59-78.
  • Lister JR, Morrison NF and Rallison JM 2006 Sedimentation of a two-dimensional drop towards a rigid horizontal plane. J. Fluid Mech. 552, 345-351.
  • Lister JR, Rallison JM, King AA, Cummmings LJ and Jensen OE 2006 Capillary drainage of an annular film: the dynamics of collars and lobes. J. Fluid Mech. 552, 311-343.
  • Hodges SR, Jensen OE and Rallison JM 2004 Sliding slipping and rolling: the sedimentation of a viscous drop down a gently inclined plane. J.Fluid Mech. 512, 95-131.
  • Rallison JM and Hinch EJ 2004 The flow of an Oldroyd fluid past a re-entrant corner: the downstream boundary layer J. non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 116,141-162.
  • Hodges SR, Jensen OE and Rallison JM 2004 The motion of a viscous drop through a cylindrical tube. J. Fluid Mech. 501, 270-301.