Professor John Willis


  • 1962-64: Assistant Lecturer, Imperial College London
  • 1965-66: Research Associate, New York University
  • 1965-67: Senior Assistant in Research, DAMTP
  • 1968-72: Assistant Director of Research, DAMTP
  • 1972-94: Professor of Applied Mathematics, Bath University
  • 1994-2000: Professor of Theoretical Solid Mechanics, DAMTP
  • 2000-01: Professor of Mathematics, Bath University
  • 2001-07: Professor of Theoretical Solid Mechanics, DAMTP
  • 2008- : Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Solid Mechanics, DAMTP
  • [1998-2004: Professeur de Mecanique (part-time), Ecole Polytechnique]


Current interests include: development of thermodynamically-consistent constitutive relations for strain-gradient plasticity; relating strain-gradient plasticity to the underlying interactions between dislocations; dynamics of propagating cracks; some "applied" work on elastoplastic crack tip fields and the related nonlinear fracture mechanics; studies of interfacial sliding and development of rate-and-state models of friction; systematic formulation of "effective constitutive relations" for description of waves (acoustic, elastodynamic or electromagnetic) in composites and metamaterials.

Selected Publictions

  • G.W. Milton, M. Briane and J.R. Willis, "On cloaking for elasticity and physical equations with a transformation invariant form". New J. Physics 8 (2006), 248 (20 pages).
  • J.R. Willis and N.V. Movchan, "Crack front waves in an anisotropic medium". Wave Motion 44, (2007), 458-471.
  • T. Putelat, J.H.P. Dawes and J.R. Willis, "Interactions between two frictionally sliding interfaces". J. Mech. Phys. Solids 55, (2007), 2073-2105.
  • V. Vinogradov and J.R. Willis, "The pair distribution function for an array of screw dislocations". Int. J. Solids Struct. 45, (2008), 3726-3738.
  • N.A. Fleck and J.R. Willis, "A mathematical basis for strain gradient plasticity. Part I:scalar plastic multiplier". J. Mech. Phys. Solids (to appear).