Dr John Sherwood


2011 -         : Visitor, DAMTP
2009 - 2011: Research Associate, University of Cambridge
1986 - 2009: Research Scientist, then Scientific Advisor, Schlumberger Cambridge Research
1983 - 1986: Ingénieur, Etudes et fabrication Dowell Schlumberger, St Etienne, France
1979 - 1982: Scientist, Unilever Research Port Sunlight


My career has involved the application of mathematics to industrial problems concerning either fluid dynamics and/or chemical engineering. My main interests are:

  • electrohydrodynamics
  • low Reynolds number hydrodynamics
  • complex fluids
  • electrical double layers, streaming potential
  • flow in porous media
  • multiphase flow

Selected Publications

  • J.D. Sherwood, Added mass of a pair of discs. Phys. Fluids 23 (2011) 103601.
  • Y. Xie, J.D. Sherwood, L. Shui, A. van den Berg & J.C.T. Eijkel, Strong enhancement of streaming current power by application of two phase flow. Lab on a chip 11 (2011) 4006-4011.
  • J.D. Sherwood, Fluid sampling from porous rock to determine filtrate contamination profiles around a well bore. Transport in Porous Media 81 (2010) 479-503.
  • E. Lac, J.D. Sherwood, Motion of a drop along the centreline of a capillary in a pressure-driven flow. J. Fluid Mech. 640 (2009)  27-54
  • J.A. Tarvin, G. Gustavson, S. Balkunas, J.D. Sherwood, Two-dimensional flow towards a guarded downhole sampling probe: an experimental study. J. Petroleum Science and Engineering 61 (2008) 75--87.
  • J.D. Sherwood, Streaming potential generated by two-phase flow in a capillary. Phys. Fluids 19 (2007) 053101.
  • V.J. Anderson, J.R.A. Pearson, J.D. Sherwood, Oscillation superimposed on steady shearing: measurements and predictions for wormlike micellar solutions. J. Rheology 50 (2006) 771-796.
  • J.D. Sherwood, Liquid-solid relative motion during slow squeeze flow of pastes. J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 128 (2005) 163-171.
  • J.D. Sherwood, Optimal probes for withdrawal of uncontaminated fluid samples. Phys. Fluids 17 (2005) 083102.
  • J.D. Sherwood, D.I.H. Atkinson, Venturi-assisted liquid removal from the sump of a gas well. Int. J. Multiphase flow 31 (2005) 25-51.
  • J.D. Sherwood, Swelling shales and compacting cakes, in: Chemo-Mechanical coupling in porous media geomechanics and biomechanics, pp 239-299. Eds: B. Loret and J.M. Huyghe, Springer-Verlag, Wien (2004). CISM courses and lectures no. 462.
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  • I. Atkinson, J. Sherwood, Determination of density for metering a fluid flow. US Patent 7562587, published 14.03.2008; granted July 21, 2009.
  • J. Sherwood, J. Fitzgerald, B. Hill, Fluid sampling methods and apparatus for use in boreholes. US Patent US 6719049 B2, April 13, 2004; UK Patent GB 2404403, March 22, 2006.