Ms Joana S Grah


  • Oct 2014 - Sep 2017: PhD Student at DAMTP
  • May - Oct 2014: Scientific Researcher in the Workgroup Imaging, Prof. Dr Martin Burger, University of Münster (WWU), Germany
  • Apr 2014: Master of Science in Mathematics, WWU
  • Sep 2013 - Feb 2014: Research Stay at DAMTP
  • Jan 2012: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, WWU


Joana is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and a Post-Doc in the Cambridge Image Analysis research group led by Dr Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb.

Her current research interests include image analysis, particularly segmentation and tracking, variational methods incorporating sparse regularisation techniques and imaging with applications in biomedicine, especially in cancer research. In collaboration with the Centre for Mathematical Imaging in Healthcare (CMIH), she is working on a project on computer-aided detection and personalised screening in breast imaging.


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M. Benning, G. Gilboa, JSG, C.-B. Schönlieb. Learning Filter Functions in Regularisers by Minimising Quotients. In Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision, pages 511-523. Springer, 2017. (article) (arXiv)

J. Pike, P. Mascalchi, JSG, S. Reichelt. Event Driven Automated Microscopy. Applications in Cancer Research. Imaging & Microscopy, 2017. (article)

JSG, J. Harrington, S. B. Koh, J. Pike, A. Schreiner, M. Burger, C.-B. Schönlieb, S. Reichelt. Mathematical Imaging Methods for Mitosis Analysis in Live-Cell Phase Contrast Microscopy. Methods, 115: 91-99, 2017. Image Processing for Biologists. (article) (arXiv)

E.-M. Brinkmann, M. Burger, JG. Regularization with Sparse Vector Fields: From Image Compression to TV-Type Reconstruction. In Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision, pages 191-202. Springer, 2015. (article) (arXiv)