Dr K. Kalimeris



  • 2017-present: Research Associate, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
  • 2015-2017:  Senior Scientist, Radon Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • 2016: Assistant Professor, University of Salzburg
  • 2011-2015: Reseacrh Scientist, Radon Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • 2010-2011: PostDoc, Universite Paris VII
  • 2009-2010: PostDoc, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
  • 2005-2009: PhD, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
  • 2001-2005: Diploma, University of Patras


K. Kalimeris is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the Nonlinear Dynamical Systems research group.

His current research interests are Asymptotic Analysis, Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Integrable Systems, Inverse Problems.



Selected Publications


  • J. Garnier and K. Kalimeris, Inverse scattering perturbation theory for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with non-vanishing background, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical,  2012.

  • A. S. Fokas and K. Kalimeris, Eigenvalues of the Laplace Operator in the Interior of an Equilateral Triangle, Computational Methods and Function Theory, 2014.
  • A. Constantin, K. Kalimeris and O. Scherzer, Approximations of steady periodic water waves in flows with constant vorticity, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications, 2015.
  • A. S. Fokas and K. Kalimeris, Water waves with moving boundaries, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2017.
  • K. Kalimeris, Analytical approximation and numerical simulations for periodic travelling water waves, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 2018.




  • Habilitation Thesis, “Asymptotic methods on fluid dynamics and certain biomedical problems”, University of Vienna, 2018.

  • PhD Thesis, “Initial and Boundary Value Problems in two and three dimensions”, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, 2009.