Dr. Katarzyna N. Kowal


  • 2017-date: Research Fellow, Trinity College & DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK
  • 2016-2018: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA
  • 10/2013-07/2016: Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of Cambridge, UK
  • 10/2012-06/2013: M.Math. (Part III Maths), University of Cambridge, UK
  • 10/2009-06/2012: B.A. Mathematics, University of Cambridge, UK


Selected Publications

  • Kowal, K. N. and Davis, S. H (2019) Strong shear-flow modulation of instabilities in rapid directional solidification. Acta Materialia, 164, 464–472
  • Kowal, K. N., Davis, S. H, and Voorhees, P.W. (2018) Thermocapillary instabilities in a horizontal liquid layer under partial basal slip. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 855, 839–859
  • Kowal, K. N., Davis, S. H, and Voorhees, P.W. (2017) Instabilities in rapid directional solidification under weak flow. Physical Review E, 96 (6) 062802.
  • Kowal, K. N., Altieri, A. L., and Davis, S. H, (2017) Strongly nonlinear theory of rapid solidification near absolute stability. Physical Review E, 96 (4) 042801.
  • Kowal, K. N., Pegler, S.S., and Worster, M. G. (2016) Dynamics of laterally confined marine ice sheets. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 790.
  • Kowal, K. N. and Worster, M. G. (2015) Lubricated viscous gravity currents. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 766, 626–655.
  • Pegler, S. S., Kowal, K. N., Hasenclever, L. Q. and Worster, M. G. (2013) Lateral controls on grounding line dynamics. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 722.