Dr Lorna Ayton


  • 2017-date: EPSRC Early Career Research Fellow
  • 2014-2017: Junior Research Fellow, Sidney Sussex College
  • 2013-2014: Teaching By-Fellow, Churchill College
  • 2011-2014: PhD, University of Cambridge
  • 2010-2011: Part III Maths, University of Cambridge
  • 2007-2010: BA Maths, University of Cambridge


Lorna is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in the Waves research group, where she focuses on asymptotic approximations for high-frequency sound generated by solid bodies in unsteady subsonic flows. Currently her work concentrates on applications to rotor-stator interaction inside aeroengines.

Recent Publications

Ayton, L. J. & Chaitanya, P. Analytical and experimental investigation into the effects of leading-edge radius on gust-aerofoil interaction noise, 2017, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (accepted).

Ayton, L. J. Analytic Solutions for Gust-Aerofoil Interaction Noise Including Effects of Geometry, 2016, IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 1, 25.

Ayton, L. J. Acoustic Scattering by a Finite Rigid Plate with a Poroelastic Extension, 2016, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 791, 414-438.

Ayton, L. J., Gill, J. R, & Peake, N. The Importance of the Unsteady Kutta Condition when Modelling Gust-Aerofoil Interaction, 2016, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 378, 28-37.

Ayton, L. J. & Peake, N. Interaction of Turbulence with the Leading-Edge Stagnation Point of a Thin Aerofoil, 2016, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 798, 436-456.

Ayton, L. J. & Peake, N. On High-Frequency Sound Generated by Gust-Aerofoil Interaction in Shear Flow, 2015, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 766, 297-325.

Ayton, L. J. & Peake, N. On High-Frequency Noise Scattering by Aerofoils in Flow, 2013, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 734, 144-182.