Professor Michael Proctor


  • 1974-present Fellow of Trinity College
  • 1975- 1977 Postdoc and assistant Professor, MIT
  • 1977- 1991 Lecturer, DAMTP
  • 1977-present College Lecturer, Trinity
  • 1979-1991, 1992-1994 Tutor, Trinity
  • 1994-2000 Reader, DAMTP
  • 1994-2006 Dean of College, Trinity
  • 2000-present Professor of Astrophysical Fluid dynamics, DAMTP
  • 2006-2012 Vice-Master, Trinity


Effects of fluctuations and shear on mean field dynamos. Effect of shear on convective dynamo action. Magnetic buoyancy instability induced by shear flow. Effects of distant boundaries on pattern-forming instabilities with drift

Selected Publications

  • J. G. Wissink, P. C. Matthews, D. W. Hughes, and M. R. E. Proctor. Numerical Simulation of Buoyant Magnetic Flux Tubes. Astrophys. J., 536:982-997, 2000.
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