Mr Peter Baddoo


  • 2011-2015: MMath, University of Oxford
  • 2015-present: PhD, University of Cambridge


Peter is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in the Waves research group. His current research interests are fluid dynamics, asymptotic analysis and applied complex analysis.


  • Part II Fluid Dynamics Supervisions, Michaelmas Term 2015,
  • Part II Asymptotic Methods Supervisions, Lent Term 2016,
  • Part III Applied Analysis & Continuum Mechanics Seminar Chair, Lent Term 2016,
  • Part IA Differential Equations Supervisions, Michaelmas Term 2016,
  • Part II Fluid Dynamics Supervisions, Michaelmas Term 2016,
  • Part IB Complex Analysis Supervisions, Lent Term 2017,
  • Part IA Vectors & Matrices Supervisions, Michaelmas Term 2017,
  • Part II Further Complex Methods Supervisions, Lent Term 2018.


Conference Proceedings

  • P. J. Baddoo, L. J. Ayton, "An Analytic Solution for Gust-Gascade Interaction Noise Including Effects of Realistic Aerofoil Geometry", 23rd AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, p. 3216, 2017.