Rihuan Ke



  • 2018-Present: Research Associate, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
  • 2015.08-2018.07: PhD student The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Rihuan is a Research Associate at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. His research interests include image processing, Inverse problems in adaptive optics and postprocessing and numerical linear algebra.

Selected Publications


  • R. Ke, W. Li, and M. Xiao. Characterization of extreme points of multi-stochastic tensors. Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics 16.3 (2016): 459-474.
  • R. Ke, M. Ng, and H. Sun. A fast direct method for block triangular Toeplitz-like with tri-diagonal block systems from time-fractional partial differential equations. Journal of Computational Physics 303 (2015): 203-211.
  • J. Pan, R. Ke, M. Ng and H. Sun, Preconditioning techniques for diagonal-times-Toeplitz matrices in fractional diffusion equations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 36.6 (2014): A2698-A2719.