Dr Sera Cremonini

Postdoctoral Fellow (CTC/A & M)


  • 2009-date: Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, Cambridge University and Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy, Texas A & M University
  • 2006-2009: Michigan Society of Fellows Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • 2001-2006: Ph.D., Brown University


Sera is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Relativity and Gravitation research group.

Her current research interests are in string theory (with special focus on the gauge/gravity correspondence) and its interface with cosmology.

Selected Publications

  • M. Becker, S. Cremonini, W. Schulgin, “Extremal Three-point Correlators in Kerr/CFT,” arXiv:1004.1174. JHEP 1102 (2011) 007.

  • S. Cremonini, Z. Lalak and K. Turzynski, “Strongly Coupled Curvature and Isocurvature Perturbations,” arXiv:1010.3021. JCAP 1103 (2011) 016.

  • A. Buchel, S. Cremonini, “Viscosity Bound and Causality in Superfluid Plasma,” arXiv:1007.2963. JHEP 1010:026, 2010.

  • S. Cremonini, Z. Lalak and K. Turzynski, “On Non-Canonical Kinetic Terms and the Tilt of the Power Spectrum,” arXiv:1005.4347. Phys. Rev. D82:047301, 2010.

  • M. Becker, S. Cremonini, W. Schulgin, “Correlation Functions and Hidden Conformal Symmetry of Kerr Black Holes,” arXiv:1005.3571. JHEP 1009:022, 2010.

  • Cremonini, Sera, Liu, James T., and Szepietowski, Philip, "Higher Derivative Corrections to R-charged Black Holes: Boundary Counterterms and the Mass-Charge Relation." e-Print: arXiv:0910.5159.

  • Cremonini, Sera, Hanaki, Kentaro, Liu, James T., and Szepietowski, Philip, "Higher derivative effects on eta/s at finite chemical potential." Phys. Rev. D 80:025002, 2009. e-Print: arXiv:0903.3244.

  • Cremonini, Sera, Hanaki, Kentako, Liu, James T., and Szepietowski, Philip, "Black holes in five-dimensional gauged supergravity with higher derivatives." e-Print: arXiv:0812.3572.

  • Chen, Bin, Cremonini, Sera, Donos, Aristomenis, Lin, Feng-Li, Lin, Hai, Liu, James T., Vaman, Diana and Wen, Wen-Yu, "Bubbling AdS and droplet descriptions of BPS geometries in IIB supergravity." JHEP 0710:003, 2007. e-Print: arXiv:0704.2233

  • Cremonini, Sera, Koch, Robert de Mello, Jevicki, Antal, "Matrix Model Maps and Reconstruction of AdS SUGRA Interactions." Phys. Rev. D 77:105005,2008. e-Print: arXiv:0712.4366

  • Cremonini, Sera and Watson, Scott, "Dilaton dynamics from production of tensionless membranes." Phys. Rev. D 73:086007, 2006. e-Print: hep-th/0601082.