Dr Sijme-Jan Paardekooper


  • 2012-present: Royal Society URF, DAMTP
  • 2009-2012: STFC postdoctoral research fellow, DAMTP
  • 2006-2009: postdoc, DAMTP
  • 2002-2006: PhD Astronomy, Leiden University, the Netherlands


Sijme-Jan Paardekooper's research focuses on the late stages of planet formation, in particlular on orbital evolution through gravitational interaction with the protoplanetary disc, and on planetesimal accretion in binary systems.

Selected Publications

  • Paardekooper, S.-J. and Papaloizou, J.C.B. On corotation torques, horseshoe drag and the possibility of sustained stalled or outward protoplanetary migration 2009, MNRAS, 394, 2283
  • Paardekooper, S.-J. and Papaloizou, J.C.B. On the width and shape of the corotation region for low-mass planets 2009, MNRAS, 394, 2297
  • Paardekooper, S.-J. and Papaloizou, J.C.B. On disc protoplanet interactions in a non-barotropic disc with thermal diffusion 2008, A&A, 485, 877
  • Paardekooper, S.-J., Thebault, P. and Mellema, G. Planetesimal and gas dynamics in binaries 2008, MNRAS, 368, 1123
  • Paardekooper, S.-J. and Mellema, G., Growing and moving low-mass planets in non-isothermal disks 2008, A&A, 478, 245