Professor T.J. Pedley


  • 2009-present: Emeritus Professor
  • 2000-05:  Head of Department, DAMTP
  • 1996-2009:    G.I.Taylor Professor of Fluid Mechanics, DAMTP, Cambridge University
  • 1990-96:  Professor of Applied Mathematics, Leeds University
  • 1973-89:  Lecturer, then Reader (1989), Dept of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), Cambridge University
  • 1973-89 and 1996-present: Fellow of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge
  • 1968-73:  Lecturer, Physiological Flow Studies Unit and Dept of Mathematics, Imperial College, London
  • 1966-68:  Post-doctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University


Tim Pedley has been interested in Biological Fluid Dynamics since 1968; He has approx 175 publications, at first all in internal, physiological fluid mechanics; recently mostly in external fluid mechanics, the interaction of living organisms with their fluid environment, e.g. fish swimming and, especially, collective behaviour of swimming micro-organisms.

Selected and Recent Publications

  • 175  Pedley,T.J. Spherical squirmers: models for swimming micro-organisms. IMA 
              J.Appl.Math. 81,488-521, 2016
    174* Pedley,T.J., Brumley,D.R. & Goldstein,R.E. Squirmers with swirl – a model for Volvox
               swimming. J.Fluid Mech. 798,165-186, 2016
    173  Pedley,T.J. & Pihler-Puzovic,D. Flow and oscillations in collapsible tubes:
              physiological applications and low-dimensional models. Proceedings of IUTAM
              Symposium Transition and turbulence in flow through deformable tubes and
              channels, ed by V.Shankar and V.Kumaran, Sadhana, 40,891-909,2015 172  Brumley,D.R., Polin,M., Pedley,T.J. & Goldstein,R.E. Metachronal waves in the flagellar beating of Volvox and their hydrodynamic origin.            J.R.Soc.Interface 12:20141358, 2015 

    171  Pedley,T.J.  Gyrotaxis in uniform vorticity. J.Fluid Mech. 762, R6, 2015 (doi:10.1017/jfm.2014.666)

    170  Ishikawa,T. & Pedley,T.J. Dispersion of swimming model micro-organisms in a non-

              uniform suspension. Phys.Rev. E 90:033008, 2014

    169  Hwang,Y. & Pedley,T.J. Stability of downflowing gyrotactic microorganism

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    168 Pihler-Puzovic, D. & Pedley, T.J. Flutter in a quasi-one-dimensional model of a collapsible

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    165  Hwang,Y. & Pedley,T.J. Bioconvection under uniform shear: linear stability analysis.

              J.Fluid Mech. 738: 522-562, 2014 (selected for comment by D. Saintillan in Focus

    on Fluids, vol 744, pp 1-4)

    164   Brumley, D.R., Polin, M., Goldstein,R.E. & Pedley, T.J. Hydrodynamic synchronisation and

              the formation of metachronal waves on the surface of the colonial alga Volvox carteri.

    Phys.Rev.Lett. 109: 268102, 2012

    163* Pihler-Puzovic, D. & Pedley, T.J. Stability of high-Reynolds-number flow in a

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    162   Kudenatti, R.B., Bujurke, N.M. & Pedley, T.J. Stability of two-dimensional collapsible-channel flow at high Reynolds number. J.Fluid Mech. 705,371-386, 2012

    161* Singh, K & Pedley, T.J.  Modelling lateral manoeuvres in fish. J.Fluid Mech. 697,1-34,2012

    160   Ishikawa,T., Locsei, J.T. & Pedley, T.J. Fluid particle diffusion in a semi-dilute suspension of model micro-organisms. Phys. Rev.E 82,021408, 2010

    159   Pedley, T.J. Instability of uniform micro-organism suspensions revisited. J.Fluid Mech. 647,335-359,2010

    158   Pedley,T.J. Collective behaviour of swimming micro-organisms. J.Exp.Mech. 50:1293-1301,2010

    157   Drescher, K., Leptos, K., Tuval, I., Ishikawa, T., Pedley, T.J. & Goldstein, R.E. Dancing Volvox: hydrodynamic bound states of swimming algae. Phys.Rev.Lett. 102,168101,2009 .

    156   Liu, H.F., Luo, X.Y., Cai, Z.X. & Pedley, T.J. Sensitivity of unsteady collapsible channel

    flows to modelling assumptions. Commun.Num. Methods Engg. (10.1002/cnm. 1217), 2009

    155   Locsei, J.T. & Pedley,T.J. Bacterial tracking of motile algae assisted by algal cells vorticity field. Microbial Ecol. 58,63-74,2009.

    154   Locsei, J.T. & Pedley, T.J. Run and tumble chemotaxis in a shear flow: the effect of          temporal comparisons, persistence, rotational diffusion, and cell shape.

  • Luo, X.Y.  &  Pedley,  T.J.  Multiple  solutions  and  flow limitation in collapsible channel flows. J. Fluid Mech., 420:  301-324, 2000.
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