Veronica Corona

  • 2015-date: PhD student, DAMTP, University of Cambridge


Veronica is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Her supervisors are Prof. Carola-Bibiane Schoenlieb, head of the Cambridge Image Analysis research group at DAMTP, and Dr Stefanie Reichelt, head of the Light Microscopy Core Facility at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute.

Her current research interests are image analysis with applications in biomedicine, especially in cancer research.

  • V. Corona, J. Lellmann, P. Nestor, C.-B. Schoenlieb, J. Acosta-Cabronero. A mulit-contrast MRI approach to thalamus segmentation. [preprint] 2018.
  • V. Corona, M. Benning, M.J. Ehrhardt, L.F. Gladden, R. Mair, A. Reci, A.J. Sederman, S. Reichelt, C.-B. Schoenlieb. Enhancing joint reconstruction and segmentation with non-convex Bregman iteration. [preprint] 2018.
  • V. Corona, Multi-spectral characterisation of thalamic nuclei using 3T MRI, MSc thesis, 2015. pdf