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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

I'm a working at the interface of theory with statistical data analysis.

- Testing theoretical models with observations.

- A wide theoretical knowledge and understanding in particle physics, field theory (classical and quantum), gravity and cosmology.

- Computing skills (Python, Mathematica, Matlab), statistical/numerical methods, and data analysis.



Tracking the local group dynamics by extended gravity
D Benisty, S Capozziello
– Physics of the Dark Universe
On the robustness of the constancy of the Supernova absolute magnitude: Non-parametric reconstruction & Bayesian approaches
D Benisty, J Mifsud, J Levi Said, D Staicova
– Physics of the Dark Universe
Tracking the Local Group Dynamics by Extended Gravity
D Benisty, S Capozziello
Constraining the dark energy models using baryon acoustic oscillations: An approach independent of H0 ⋅ rd
D Staicova, D Benisty
– Astronomy & Astrophysics
Stringent Pulsar Timing Bounds on Light Scalar Couplings to Matter
D Benisty, P Brax, A-C Davis
The basis of Lorentzian Quintessential Inflation
D Benisty
– Proceedings of Corfu Summer Institute 2021 "School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity" — PoS(CORFU2021)
The eccentricity distribution of wide binaries
D Benisty, NW Evans, AC Davis
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters
The Eccentricity Distribution of Wide Binaries
D Benisty, NW Evans, A-C Davis
Torsional Dark Energy
D Benisty, A Van De Venn, D Vasak, J Struckmeier, H Stoecker
– International Journal of Modern Physics D
Report of the Topical Group on Cosmic Probes of Fundamental Physics for for Snowmass 2021
RX Adhikari, LA Anchordoqui, K Fang, BS Sathyaprakash, K Tollefson, TR Lewis, K Engel, A Aboubrahim, O Akarsu, Y Akrami, R Aloisio, RA Batista, M Ballardini, SW Ballmer, E Bechtol, D Benisty, E Berti, S Birrer, A Bonilla, R Brito, M Bustamante, R Caldwell, V Cardoso, S Chakrabarti, TY Chen, M Cicoli, S Clesse, A Coleman, Y Cui, G Cusin, T Daylan, KR Dienes, ED Valentino, C Dvorkin, C Escamilla-Rivera, GR Farrar, JL Feng, N Frusciante, J Garcia-Bellido, CG Canal, MV Garzelli, J Glombitza, G Golup, M Gritsevich, Z Haiman, J Haro, DK Hazra, A Heavens, D Holz, JR Horandel, M Ishak, MM Ivanov, S Joudaki, K-H Kampert, CM Karwin, R Keeley, M Klasen, R Konoplich, JF Krizmanic, S Kumar, B L'Huillier, N Levi, V Mandic, V Marra, CJAP Martins, S Matarrese, E Mayotte, S Mayotte, L Mersini-Houghton, J Meyers, AL Miller, E Mottola, S Mukherjee, K Murase, MS Muzio, P Nath, KKY Ng, JM No, RC Nunes, AV Olinto, F Pace, S Pan, SEP Bergliaffa, L Pogosian, J Read, M Reininghaus, MH Reno, AG Riess, M Sakellariadou, AS Sakharov, P Salucci, M Santander, E Santos, F Sarazin, EN Saridakis, SJ Sciutto, A Shafieloo, DH Shoemaker, K Sinha, D Soldin, JF Soriano, D Staicova, L Sun, DA Steer, B Thomas, JA Tomsick, VB Valera, JA Vazquez, TM Venters, L Visinelli, S Watson, JK Webb, A Weltman, G White, S Wissel, AK Yadav, F Yang, W Yang, N Yunes, A Yushkov, H Zhang
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Research Groups

Centre for Theoretical Cosmology
Relativity and Gravitation




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